How powerful are girls’ stories?

We start the conversation with art as a language.

We are one with the many faceless girls who want to speak their truths.

We hope to convey the message that girls and women are fighters of the many falsehoods that seek to keep them weak.

Power In Her Story is an imprint of Manila Feminista INC. We are a girl child/women-centered, independent publishing house. We produce, print and distribute visual educational materials, children's books and merchandise focusing on mainstreaming women's human rights and gender equality, with emphasis on the needs of marginalized groups of girls and women. We aim to be progressive and all-inclusive.

For every Power in Her Story book you buy, a generous percentage will support the creation and distribution of free educational materials to marginalized communities, and efforts towards mainstreaming women’s (girls) human rights and gender equality.

Why We Want To Do This

We are tired of being told that we have bigger problems than "women’s issues."

We live in a world where powerful people blatantly express their misogyny; where rape jokes continue to be laughed at; where sexism, sexist comments and catcalling, and objectification are still considered normal and non-issues.

Toxic actions and speech against girls/women are never harmless and should not be tolerated. VAW (Violence Against Women) comes in many layers and forms. It becomes a bigger struggle when you are a girl who lack opportunities and live below the poverty line. We need to find ways to educate, re-educate and inform people on the importance of creating a non-sexist environment, ensuring gender equality, and upholding the human rights of girls and women.

We believe that education and books will help change mindsets. A girl can make a difference, can contribute to making the world safer, freer, and richer for herself and others.

Let us find the power in her story.
Hear her story.
Listen to her story.